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Signage design makes 31.8 percent growth in sales volume and 47.7 percent success for brand awareness. Given these statistics, it is not hard to see why more and more businesses are, for the most part, embracing creative signage designs to get customers attention, influence purchase decisions, and leverage up-sells.

However, keep in mind that signage isn’t only a graphic representation of your company; it’s a powerful and effective branding tool to attract the audience and engage them to complete a purchase. To get the desired response, it’s crucial that the design of your business signage stands out from the crowd.

So, make sure that your sign is appealing enough to attract your buyers. Ensure that every aspect of your business signage has a purpose. If you are, more often than not, looking forward to creating stimulating signage, first take a look at some of the top signage designs for your inspiration.

10 Best Signage Designs

If you are on the lookout for some signage inspirations, look no more. There are more signage designs here that can satisfy your imagination and get you inspired for your very own signage.

Spa Iconography System

Can you notice the hanger in the Spa Iconography System signage? The one by the side of the door? This element clearly tells the viewer or the public that it is a spa. Moreover, the blue and white color, arrow, and black door all impart to making this an excellent and effective signage.

PM24 Signage Design

PM24 Signage Design is yet another fantastic example of simple but effectual signage design. The numbers and white letters against the black backdrop are, for the most part, incredibly visible from afar.

Wayfinder Signage for Hotel Voskresensky

The Wayfinder Signage for Hotel Voskresensky is another excellent design that will get you inspired. In this signage, there are only characters and letters speaking to the audience. The business sign in red has hints of a ball game and glass of soft drink specifying the direction for these establishments. On the other hand, the sign in blue has suggestions specifying the swimming pool in that area. Such clarity and directness of business sign design are one of the essential tips to making impressive and stunning signages.

Fenway South Wayfinder Signage

The Fenway South Wayfinder Signage is yet another unique signage design that attracts the audience with its designs of the numbers and bright red color.

Eristoff Vodka Campaign Signage

The Eristoff Vodka Campaign Signage is, for the most part, a business sign intended for a company that markets vodka and its target market are the young customers. The letters of the signage are in neon lights that are, more often than not, usually used for social gathering or parties at night. The Eristoff Vodka, therefore, targets young audience and business promotion for night parties.

Milk Bar Identity Signage

The Milk Bar Identity Signage is one of the most remarkable and memorable signage designs that stays or remains in our memories. The signage lettering instantly brings image or pictures of milk in your mind. The lettering is, for the most part, designed in white color and flow, which represents the business.

Zoo Zurich

This signage conveys the need for more donation to the zoo. And to send this message, the Zoo Zurich signage has an elephant confined or trapped in a small space. This design grabs the attention of the public immediately and lures them to donate for the well-being of the animal.

TV3 Signage Design

The TV3 Signage Design is in the shape or structure of a photo, depicting and illustrating the making of a television film.

Microsoft Identity Signage

This signage design is an excellent example of how you should be making your business sign for an aesthetic impact. The Microsoft Identity Signage shows or displays the four Microsoft windows. You can see the bright colors, illuminating the sign even more for clearer visibility.

Mercedes Benz: Right Brain / Left Brain

The Mercedes Benz: Right Brain / Left Brain signage says a lot about the idea that goes behind designing and creating Mercedes Benz cars. The Mercedes Benz signage sends a brand message that it has, for the most part, been the initiator and pacesetter in the world of cars. By adding an image of a brain, the message of the brand is clear and loud, which it’s a car company that genuinely cares about the convenience of its customers.


If you want to have an excellent business signage design, then it is best to get lots of ideas first. In that way, it will be much easier for you to design the signage of your business. The signage designs listed in this post teach you about the significance and substance of keeping a signage design on point and simple. Each of these signs speaks the value of the brand personality of a company, from the use of letters to colors, there is a research and thinking going behind these signage designs.
This article was written by Rebecca Nelson, a freelance creative writer having experience in business and digital marketing coupled with an interest in tech entrepreneurship, making her a fine contributor in the field of business and internet marketing.

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