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Is total home warranty worth to purchase?

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Posted: June 14, 2019 at 12:16 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

When you purchase a new home, you may be offered a chance to buy a home warranty to save your money on home repair services in the future. Sometimes, purchasing a home warranty can be costly and many homeowners are left thinking about whether it fits well for them to buy a home warranty. The expense of purchasing a home warranty is around $300-$500 every year for the basic plan or expensive plans if your house is bigger than normal.

In some cases, a home warranty can enable you to spare considerably on costly home repair services. However, if the warranty doesn’t cover your claims or you don’t need any fixes during the warranty period, you may feel that you have wasted the money invested in a home warranty plan. Here are a few things you need to consider when assessing whether home warranty would be worth the cost and benefit you or not.

Total home warranty

What is the total home warranty? It a home service contract that will cover the fixes and repairs or replacement of different systems and appliances at your home. If some of your appliances break or if you have any sort of plumbing issues, you call the home warranty provider. The company will simply send one of its contacted home service providers to access and fix the issue. In the event it is an appliance that is covered under damage from normal wear and tear, the home warranty provider will pay the repair and replacement of that particular item.

What does the total home warranty cover?

Total home warranty plans generally cover HVAC systems, electrical and plumbing issues and home appliances. Some of the common home appliances that can be covered include washer, dryer, stove, cooktop, garbage disposal, oven, microwave and many more. You can sometimes buy extra additional coverage for different parts of your home.

The benefit of home warranty

The important benefit of total home warranty is the convenience, particularly if you possess an older home. When you first move into a new home, you likely won’t have set up any relationship with any plumber, technician or HVAC professional or appliance repair specialist. In case of anything needs to be fixed, you will essentially call a total home warranty provider and they will dispatch an experienced contractor completing the types of repairs needed in your home.

A total home warranty can save you money. If you end up requiring plenty of repairs that exceed the amount you pay for a home warranty, you will certainly save money. For example, the home advisor estimates that the normal expense of plumber ranges from $170- $450 for typical pipe repair work. If you paid $300 for your home warranty, you have effectively saved money.

Limitations and Exclusions of Home Warranties

You have to know that home warranties don’t cover everything you require. You will have to peruse the agreement / contract cautiously to see what is and what isn’t secured. Some homeowners become disappointed when they think to utilize their home warranty just to find that the appliance is excluded from coverage. For instance, your shower faucet outer hardware might be covered however the internal parts may not be. Or then again your sewage pipe might be covered except if it is harmed by tree roots.

In addition, total home warranties only cover normal wear and tear. The warranty may not cover if person, natural disaster or any intentional act damages the covered appliance. For example, if your home air conditioning system needs repair and the contractual worker confirms that the AC was not well maintained, the home warranty provider could deny your claim.

Can Home Warranties Save Your Money?

Depending upon what occurs in your home, a home warranty can save you cash. It will rely upon what sort of fix you need, the expense of the home warranty and what repair would have cost you in the event that you didn’t have the home warranty. Some home guarantee organizations require a service expense for each visit, while others don’t. This expense commonly runs from $25 to $70. You should check the terms of your total home warranty to check whether there’s an additional charge.

In the end, total home protection plans are worth to purchase. And it is advisable to get one for better benefits.
This article was written by Richard, a content writer at, Consumer Electronic Warranty Provider Company, which also offers Appliance Extended Warranty. He is a passionate blogger and an avid reader. He also loves to write in various niches.

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