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Agile aging – 5 essential tips to stay healthy in your golden years

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You hear elderly people say a lot that their bodies aren’t what they used to be. While it’s true that bodies age, it doesn’t mean you ought to always feel the associated aches, pains and discomfort. As long as you treat your body and mind as a temple and only give it what it needs, you may find you’re able to stay healthy as you head into your golden years. Here are a few things that may help.

Medical Matters

As you age, your body becomes more susceptible to falls and subsequent injury. Ensuring that you have a reliable medical team behind you is critical. Obviously, you want to have a productive relationship with your primary health provider, as he or she is likely to be your first point of call. In addition to this, it’s worth doing your research and identifying practitioners with whom you have a rapport. Maintaining a network of professionals in areas such as aged care physiotherapy, orthopedics, osteopathy will provide you with the support you will require in case something goes wrong.

Keep the Mind Active

Not only does keeping your mind active make you feel more useful and fulfilled, it can help you to stay healthy too. For the last several years, scientists have conducted many studies to identify a correlation between keeping your mind active and cognitive benefits. In one study, older adults who learned photography and quilting benefited from far more improvements in their memory than those who did less cognitively demanding activities.

Scientists also believe that stimulating activities such as learning new skills and partaking in hobbies helped your brain to build up a cognitive reserve, compensating for age-related health conditions.

Walk Daily

Many health professionals say you should partake in brisk walking or other moderate fitness activity for at least half an hour every day, five days a week. There is no age limit on walking. If you want to benefit from better heart health, fitness levels, and a reduced risk of a heart attack or stroke, then include at least one brisk walk into your routine every day. What’s more, getting out into nature can do wonders for your mental health. Make a point of rising in the morning, putting on your walking shoes, and hitting the road.

Eat Nutrient-Rich Food

Making the right food choices is crucial at any time of your life. However, as health issues can be more prevalent as you age, what you eat plays a significant part in your overall health. Include at least one fiber-rich carbohydrate food into your daily diet, five or more fruit and vegetables, and plenty of protein such as chicken or fish. Taking care of your bone health is also crucial during your golden years, so opt for three servings of dairy every day like low-fat milk, cheese, or yogurt. Where possible, choose fortified products with additional calcium and Vitamin D.

Get Out and About

When you reach your golden years, it’s inevitable that you will retire from a lifelong career. However, that doesn’t mean you have to withdraw from a social circle. Don’t become a recluse. Instead, become involved in groups, social clubs, and hobbies. Volunteer to your time to charities and become a mentor for those who require it. Reaching your golden years is about creating golden opportunities, not remaining cooped up at home because you have nothing to do.

Your golden years should be just that – golden. Don’t waste them remaining cooped up inside watching the years go by. Instead, make something of them. Keep fit, healthy, active, and don’t let age be a barrier to doing the things you love and enjoy in life.

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