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Surprising facts about contraceptives

contraceptive pills
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Most women who are practicing family planning are using the contraceptive pill. However, there are a lot of contraceptive methods that a couple can use to avoid unwanted pregnancy, some of them are condoms that are worn by men, IUD (intrauterine device) that is inserted to the uterus and more.

These contraceptives are not new to most of us since it is already being told by media, schools, reproductive health organizations and even churches who are not against using the contraceptive. But there are still many facts about contraceptives that you should know. Here are surprising facts about birth controls.

India As The First Country Who Used Contraceptives

India suffers from overpopulation, and this is one of the reasons why the economy in India is deficient. India is second among all countries who have a lot of population. They have 17.5% of population for only 2.4% of the global land mass. Because of that, the Family Planning program was started in 1952 in India, to lower the population growth.

There are many groups related to reproductive health who was invited to conduct a Family Planning program. The London Summit on Family Planning happened in 2012 and many countries involved in this program until the Government of India adopted the process of birth control.

How Contraceptive Pill Started

Margaret Sanger is the one who coins the word birth control. She opened the very first clinic of birth control in Brownsville, Brooklyn and started the American Birth Control League. In New York, Sanger meets Pincus, and she convinced him to work on birth control pill. Until 1951 a Mexican chemist Carl Djerassi created a chemical based pill. He was not successful in distributing and testing the pill; however Pincus tested the progesterone using rats, and it worked!

Until they met Katherine McCormick, who invested $40,000 to conduct research and test about the pill. FDA successfully approved the pill that now addresses women all around the globe. And it is the number one contraceptive being used by most women. That explains why the contraceptive pill cost a lot. Fortunately, there are a lot of discounts, vouchers, and coupons like Ocella coupon that offers a significant discount. Right now it is accessible, and if it is appropriately used, you will get %100 effectiveness against unwanted pregnancy.

How Vasectomy Started

In 1823 vasectomy procedure was first performed to a dog. It is a permanent surgical method for a male not to produce sperm cells. The vas deferens are cut and tied. The surgeon behind this process was Sir Astley Paston Cooper. Until now the population of men who undergone vasectomy increased to 16% within the age of 36-45 since this is the most effective birth control that a man can do compared to using condoms and natural ways of birth control. Although, it is a risky decision to undergo vasectomy because it is a lifetime consequence.

How Condoms Started

In the early years, condoms were made out of oiled silk paper, linen sheaths, and leather. Condoms were prepared to use to protect them against syphilis initially. It was an epidemic during their time. It is believed that the term “condom” was coined by Charles II while others consider that the condom came from the Latin word conduit or vessel. In 1855 finally, the component of condoms was changed into rubber.

They suggested that it is better to use rubber as it can be washed and reused. Condoms were first introduced in the New York Times until it was used during World War II and it became cheap that made them disposable. Years passed, now modern condoms are thin and lubricated, and they are being used as a contraceptive to avoid unwanted pregnancies.


Nowadays, we only cared about how to use these contraceptives and what are the benefits we can get from them. But it is also not wrong to know where they came from, how they were made and who were the people behind them. It will hill help us to understand the importance and their value.

The contraceptive is a solution to every country who suffers from overpopulation that decreases its economy. Somehow contraceptive is the answer for poverty. It is not just used to escape responsibilities from being a parent. It is also key to a progressive country. Let us value contraceptives and don’t abuse their purpose.

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