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Should you buy a car at a car show?

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Posted: September 16, 2018 at 10:55 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

So you woke up and decided to attend the car show that was scheduled for the weekend. You walk in and start looking at all of the gorgeous cars that are present. You suddenly are hit by the urge to own one yourself. You happen to spot a particularly gorgeous car that looks simply stunning and just joke with the owner and ask if they would sell. They actually answer with a price they would like. What are you ever supposed to do?

Part of you hoped they would say no to selling, and part of you is jumping up and down inside thrilled at the idea of buying the magnificent car. But is this truly a wise decision to make? Is buying a car from a car show really a wise investment? Should you walk away and calm down, or should you pull out your checkbook immediately? Your inner child is probably screaming to buy the car, but do you even know what the car is worth?

You should avoid buying a car at a car show unless you have had some time to carefully shop around and see how much the vehicle that you are interested in would be worth. If you already have extensive knowledge about cars this may not be as large of a task, but for those who have no experience with these magnificent cars it can be a large amount of homework.

Additionally, during a car show the owner is not going to have much time to discuss specifics of the car with you. This is simply the result of having so many people around their car that they are watching. They most certainly don’t want someone to cause damage to the car, and they definitely don’t want someone to mess with the engine. While they may be talking to you about the car, they are probably only half-paying attention.

Additionally, during a car show you are unable to take the vehicle on a test drive simply because most car shows are not designed to allow the cars to move once they have been parked in their assigned place. In addition, there are typically large groups of people at car shows that make it dangerous trying to drive through the crowds and can really create some harsh problems if you are not careful.

If you truly find a car that you are madly in love with and determined to buy, and find an owner who is serious about selling you should ask for the sale price of the car, and also the owners contact information. Tell them that you will be in touch after the show. This will allow you to calm down and think rationally, as well as the opportunity to do a bit of research on the price the car is worth compared to what the owner is asking. Typically, you should wait at least a day or two after the car show before contacting the buyer so you have enough time to do research.

Once you meet up with the buyer you should take the car for a test drive and look over it very closely. Also ask about the engine and transmission. Many cars that are in shows haven’t original parts; they are often custom created cars that pull parts from various other cars to create what is before your eyes. If you are fine with this then it is perfectly acceptable, but you should be well aware of it before you buy the car. Other considerations are the overall condition of the vehicle and the age.

You should possibly take another day or two to consider the purchase once you have taken a test drive. Remember, this is a car; it is not a CD or even a television that is fairly cheap. These vehicles are very expensive and the maintenance and repair costs can also be quite large. If you take the time to do some careful research and make a good decision about purchasing the car after the show it can be a great experience. Just avoid buying the car during the show unless you are absolutely certain that the car is spectacular and the deal is incredible.

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