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Self improvement and success

self improvement
Posted: July 5, 2018 at 9:03 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Everything that happens to us happen for a reason, there’s no doubt about it, it’s the cause-effect relationship. What’s more, once in a while, one thing leads to another. Now we have lot of options available but the one we shouldn’t choose is locking ourselves in the cage of fears and crying over past heartaches, embarrassment and failures. Instead, we should learn from every experience, good or bad and use this experience as a foundation for self improvement, personal growth and success.

Things being what they are, when does self improvement turn into success? When is personal growth significant enough to make a difference, to step us up on a new level?

I think we should first stop considering ourselves and feel like we’re a disappointment, for us and for the people around us, we’re definitely not. If, for some reasons, we’re at the bottom, we should embrace the situation, deal with it and move forward. Or up. The thing to remember is, to have a chance of being accepted by others, we should first accept ourselves.

I know we’re so addicted to TV and the nice, successful people we see there every single day. Well, when choosing a role model we should only take the good in them. Judgement is of paramount importance, we shouldn’t fall for the fancy clothes or the smart talking, they’re only a facade of a real person who is most likely a lot different than what we see on TV. It’s also about self acceptance, we most probably live different lives so with us it’s not about beautiful legs or great abs or expensive clothes, we should stick to our reality and accept it with a clear mind.

No matter how low you are, help other people. When you see them feeling down, help them move up. This won’t only really help them, but you’ll be close to them, able to observe their transformation. With just a little help and support from your side, you’ll be able to learn a lot from their experience. This will empower you to help yourself up from your current situation, will make you see what you have to do more clearly. Things will be easier, for sure. It’s about learning from somebody else’s experience and when you’re involved, it’s even better. Now, when you have no one to help, there’s no need to search for some people. Some don’t want your help, especially when you are not supposed to be part of their life. But when somebody close to you has problems, offer your help, it will help you both feel better.

Think about the world and the billions of people and the infinite number of situations they are facing every day. Situations, again, in a cause-effect relationship. In fact, it’s a world of mistakes, it’s a world of learning. When you don’t have eyes to see, you can’t evaluate. When you can’t evaluate, you can’t decide, learning by doing is not possible. So, sit back and observe the people in your life, analyze their life and problems and decisions and ask yourself what would you do in their place. It’s not a life quiz, it’s a life stage where we all have a place and a role. Learn and apply for your benefit.

Don’t try doing everything at the same time, it’s useless, resources and effort spent without tangible results. Instead take things one at a time. Evaluate the problem, find possible solutions, apply the one you think it’s best, analyze the result. If needed start over. When finished, applaud yourself, take a deep breath and move to the next problem to solve. Life is small steps taken correctly, setting meaningful and achievable goals. Don’t waste your time and effort rushing into chaos.

By now you should already feel some self improvement. This brings inner stability, personality development and ultimately, success. A better you.

Some kind of warning: if you decide to go this way and embrace change and self improvement, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is following the same path. That’s far from reality. As mentioned above, the world is full of people, billions, and they might have different values and attitudes. Don’t expect them to change as you did. To start a change, one must know something must be changed. And have the desire to change. You did it. What’s left for you is help others by sharing your story with them, allowing them to learn from your experience and ultimately accept them as they are. You can’t change others simply by trying it. The same way you managed to raise yourself, the same way they should. If they want to.

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