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Mandala tattoo

mandala tattoo designs
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Gone are the days when mandala was a symbol representing a very small group of people. Mandala tattoo has now become one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. First of all, a mandala is quite simple and beautiful with very many different meanings. This is one of the reasons that have made it very popular among people from all walks of life.

Another good thing about mandala tattoo is the ability to combine it with almost any other tattoo design. The mandala tattoo which is basically dominated by triangles and squires, it has a concentric structure design. Mandala actually translates to a circle in Sanskrit and that is the best way to describe the tattoo.

Mandala Tattoo Meaning

All the visual elements that balance the design of mandala tattoo translates to harmony and unity and in fact, the main meaning of mandala in Hindu and Buddhism is a dream and it represents the dreamer’s search for self-unity and wholeness.

However, since mandala is actually versatile, it can also include other meanings as well. It is the most interesting part that the meaning of the tattoo is not limited by the creator or the observer’s views and thoughts. Nevertheless, the tattoo is used as a tool to symbolize your life journey. A mandala tattoo has a lot of uniqueness. It gives every individual a very different experience from another person. When you observe the same mandala tattoo, your experience and view will be very difficult for any other individual who views the same mandala tattoo design.

It is also known to absorb a person’s mind allowing them to be peaceful, mindful and calm. Isn’t that awesome? It does this because its main goal is to silence the chattering thoughts of a person and allow them to be more aware and observative. Mostly, people who get a mandala tattoo for awareness purposes are normally very deep.

Hindu basically teaches people to meditate and if you meditate on the symbol, it makes you very relaxed and gives you a resolution on clarity. It is very hard to get a person who is regretting after getting a mandala tattoo. This is because when they carry a tattoo in their skin, the resolution on clarity is even truer to them.

Designing a Mandala Tattoo

Normally, mandala ink designs are usually designed from the center outwards. This is the reason they come out with a very beautiful appearance. Many people describe this appearance as floral since flowers are circular in nature. When you combine mandala with other symbols of feminity, it comes out to be very good.

Mandala originally is hugely brought from the Buddhist and Hindu cultures. It would be advisable to go for a black tattoo if you want to source your mandala design from Hindu. This is because black mandala tattoo is closer to the sand version and it is often used in the Hindu culture. Other religions are also using the mandala and now the mandala tattoo is no longer a symbol for Buddhism and Hindu religions only.

Remember the basic designs of the mandala tattoo remains as a circular and spiritual work of art. The most popular meaning of the mandala is perfection. This is the reason why most people use it to symbolize perfection in their bodies.

However, the people who have them don’t think of themselves as perfect though. They actually symbolize their willingness and strive for perfection. Meaning, it would be great if you always try to get the most out of your life as mandala represents.

Now you are thinking that getting a perfect mandala design is the hardest thing you can do. Relax because it is not as hard as you might think. This is because you can never go wrong with any popular mandala designs. Ensure you choose your favorite color, symbols (flower, lotus, rose etc), and the shape of the mandala so that it will have a special meaning to you.

Another thing you should remember is that mandala is a versatile tattoo and you can try the different popular mandala designs but ensure you select that particular design that suits your character and style in the best way possible. The most common mandala design is the center of the universe. Another popular one is the center of the rose window, this is something you may find in many churches you have visited. Apart from those two, you can also do a wide option such as Mandala leaves, flowers and floral Mandala, lotus, kaleidoscope, the cosmos, sunburst, half-moon, revolting star, geometric Mandala, tribal’s and the tribal sun among others as they will be discussed later in this article.

Why Should You Consider Having A Mandala Tattoo?

You should consider a mandala tattoo today since a tattoo is seen as the best way to adorn your body. They are also considered to have something alluring in their impressive different designs. Once you ink a tattoo on your body, it becomes part of you. The design you choose determines the beauty of a tattoo. There are so many different things you can use to choose a design such as flowers, animals, insects, tribal designs among others.

Mandala tattoo is not very different either although it falls into the spiritual tattoos category since they have a deeper spiritual meaning. When an expert does a mandala tattoo, the final results are very beautiful and alluring since the artist is able to bring out the depth of a design by concentrating on all details.

The mandala design which represents wholeness, perfection and eternity has been embraced by Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. In Hinduism, a Mandala usually occupies an important place such as a prayer room or meditation room. This is because it is linked with focus. It is also the reason it was used as a spiritual tool during ancient Hinduism.

Christianity is not left out either; it has used the mandala designs in the artwork on the rose windows in churches. The circular pieces of art represent important events and scenes from Christianity religion. Buddhism has actually made great use of mandala designs in their meditation and religious rituals.

Mandala has also been seen as the symbol of balance in the body and mind and human life to infinity relation circles signify a lot in mandalas because even the sun, the moon, and the planet Earth all have a circular shape. Although in mandala tattoo designs, the main design may be a squire or a circle and the overall focus remains on the mandala which is placed therein and happens to be the most prominent part of the design. Since mandala tattoos have been embraced by people from all walks of life, you should not be left out. Get yours today.

The Best Place To Have A Mandala Tattoo Design

Which is the best place to have your mandala tattoo? If that is the question you are asking yourself right now, the information you are looking for is here and it has got you covered. Since mandala tattoos are circular in shape, the most ideal body part would be the chest or the back. These two parts are most ideal because they offer a flat surface and does not distort the shape of the mandalas tattoo when you have it inked on your body.

In other words, curvy areas can spoil the shape and alignment of a mandala tattoo design because it is in a circular shape. But there are a lot of people with mandala tattoo on shoulder, hand, wrist, forearm, foot and arm, even underboob. You should also consult an expert tattoo artist so that he/she can advise you accordingly. The artist is also in a better position to tell you where it can be placed to be eye-catching as well. You do not want to hide such a beautiful flower with your clothes. Right?

If you want a larger mandala tattoo, the best place it can be featured would be the stomach, rib, back, spine, chest, and shoulder. If you are going for a small mandala tattoo design, the best place they can be featured would be areas such as wrist, ankle, thighs, legs, spine, back of the ear and nape of the neck. Remember to consult an expert in regards to its suitability.

Mandala Tattoo Designs

The great variety of mandala tattoos are favored by people who are looking for something different from the conventional designs available. Check out these two amazing popular mandala tattoo designs to enable you makes an informed choice;

Flower Mandala Tattoo

Due to the mandala tattoo circular nature, they bear great similarities to flowers. They are built in such a way that they keep a circle in the center and extends the designs outwards. That is similar to floral patterns. A floral mandala design with a combination of these elements can bring out a design that exhibits a deep symbolic meaning that relates to balance, eternity and femininity.

A flower is also associated with the creation and blossoming of a new idea. Other floral mandala designs that are closely related to flowers include bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. These designs can also add a symbolic meaning such as linking it to fertility and femininity.

Tribal Mandala Tattoos

Most tribal tattoos carry something similar to mandala designs as Native Americans and other tribal cultures had. The close link with circles played a key role in their rituals and ceremonies. That is why mandalas are featured prominently in various tribal tattoo designs. A good example would be the Maori tattoo design.

Mandala tattoos are mostly done in traditional black or grey colors. They are also done with a wide range of colors as well. Whichever the case, these tattoos come out as very beautiful and eye-catching. Such great tattoos are a perfect option for someone who believes in spirituality and follows a life that stands for meditation and focus.

Mandala designs are also used in ancient scriptures to explain the methods used to attain enlightenment through spiritualism. The mandala tattoo designs have come a long way and they have continued to gain popularity in the western world and they are nowadays used in form of art and architecture. Due to the great spiritual significance, mandala tattoo was embraced by men and women with different walks of life and in all ages. They have continued to be more popular and they have even brought a strong character to the bearer as well.

Bottom line

Mandala tattoo designs are meaningful and symbolic as well. They also play a bigger part in representing the universe and various religious concepts. Their well-balanced and intricate patterns make them serve as a good form of art. Their harmonious way of presenting shapes visually creates striking designs that symbolize unity, balance, and peace. Do not forget the relaxation and mental clarity which comes when you just look at a mandala tattoo design especially if you want to strengthen your spirituality.

If you have already made a decision to ink your body with a mandala design, ensure you have chosen a particular shape, pattern and color pallets that you know they have a special meaning in your personal life. Just to give you an idea, you can choose your favorite color, your favorite animal or any other unique elements. Just make sure that any of the elements represents your personality and your personal interests. It does not matter whether you are interested in a mandala tattoo for spiritual reasons or it is for beauty, whichever the case, the designs are enough to select the one that best suits you.

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