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Driving traffic from fashion site based Instagram accounts in bulk amount

instagram story
Posted: April 9, 2019 at 3:34 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Are you not quite sure on how you are supposed to drive traffic to the website with the help of Instagram? Are you even sick of just reminding people to just check out the link in the bio? Well, if so, then you are not the only one facing such challenges over here. There are rumors out there that state that Instagram doesn’t drive traffic to the website. However, thankfully, these rumors are all false and there is always the other side of the story that you must know about beforehand.

Right from its release date in 2016, Instagram stories have just shaken up the entire digital marketing area. With each of the new features, it has given brands, freelancers and influencers some powerful ways to just engage with the audiences and then grow the brands. Well, you must know that Instagram stories are always the best way to procure some clicks and page views to the website right from IG. It helps in improving the counts of Instagram followers as well. On the other hand, there are so many people out there in the market who love to experiment with latest features just to see how they can help improving the monthly traffic and sales. So, try to get these points covered as well.

Adding links to the IG stories

In case, you have over 10K followers on this special IG platform and dealing with the business account, then you are always invited to use the powerful “swipe up” feature of this application. It is a perfect way to add a proficient link to any of the noted IG stories, which make it always better to drive traffic right back to the website.

  • On the other hand, you are always asked to use videos, photos, GIFs and design the posts well to generate some interest values among the followers and just encourage them more to swipe up on link and enter the official website or your YouTube channel.
  • Don’t forget to just add a visible CTA for the viewer to help them swipe up. For example, any caption with “see more” text emerging at the bottom of the screen is a way to indicate that a link is attached to the story and clicking that will help them to learn more about the point in details.
  • Once you have the current link feature near your hand, you can always reach out to the brands and help in driving traffic from the Instagram stories to the websites for that fee or even product exchange.

Asking the audiences to message you directly

Whenever you are stumped about what to post and write about, you always have to look at the DMs. It is always a great way to just see what questions people have right for you. Then, you can answer them and direct them straight to the blog or website. You can even transfer the question and answer duo to some of the other similar resources if you want to.

  • In case, you ever notice that a lot of people are asking the same question, then you can use the same “swipe up” feature on the IG story for sharing posts that will answer the questions of your followers well.
  • What are you going to do if you fail to get more DMs for drawing inspiration from? For that you have to use the question sticker as available on the IG stories and then ask the audiences on what kind of help they need or what they are willing to know. It is a great way to start conversations too.
  • Even when you don’t have any blog post answering the question, it can help in pointing you to the exact direction of what will be your next steps to take or what points you should cover next in your writing.

Tease your audiences using Instagram stories

Do you have a new blog post or a date for the upcoming launch of a much awaited product? For that, don’t just end up creating a single story, and then add the link to bio and pray for traffic. Just make sure to spice things up a little bit. In this case, you really want people to click through to get to your website, and you have to create anticipation in their minds and hearts. Don’t give them what they want easily and let them hold their horses for some time. One such favorite way to do that is with the blog articles. You will let the people know about the latest points coming from your side and that will make them to eagerly wait for the news to drop.

You get the chance to share posts in so many formats. You can screenshot it or screen record. You can further make a video on it and talking about the upcoming venture in that video. On the other hand, you can just do a story about some of the major takeaways inside post. You can use such tactics for creating some mini blog posts on the IG platform, focusing on tutorials using the item or just promote a new online course on the same.

By just spreading out the post in the digital platform, you are likely to create one engaging story. It can help the audiences to understand how clicking your given link will help them get answers to their questions or just solve their problems.

Creating highlights for driving traffic with the IG stories

Highlights have been proven to be one of the most valuable features of IG for the businesses out there, no matter big or small. It is a proven way to help you save some of your hard work and continue focusing on showing the blog posts and links, even after the 24 hour mark. With the help of these highlights and other points as mentioned already, getting the right result won’t be that tough.

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