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The popular myths of bodybuilding supplements – busted

bodybuilding supplement
Posted: February 19, 2019 at 1:07 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Bodybuilding enthusiasts from all around the world know that the secret to success has no hard and fast rule; building a body requires time and effort, and is made of sweat and blood and at times, injury. However, for newcomers to the field and enthusiasts around, consistency and balance is often overlooked and false advertisement is often adopted.

When these supplement advertisements fail to live up to their descriptions, builders get discouraged and the art of bodybuilding is no longer their passion. Supplements that do work are often termed as dangerous and unnecessary, and the truth is far from it.

Myth: Whey protein is fattening

Fact: Eating excessive calories, more than desired, can make you fat, and whey protein has nothing to do with it. To ensure maximum muscle gain, a required amount of protein must be taken. On the other hand, if the amount of protein required is not implemented in the body, the muscles have a harder time developing, which results in slower results. So taking whey protein is actually good for bodybuilders.

Myth: All supplements are the same

Fact: Supplements, much like make up products are different, because they are created by different companies using various products to suit your need. While buying supplements, one must be careful to read the ingredient list and not the price, because often lower priced medicines have purer raw materials and low build quality for the sake of pricing it low. Therefore, the golden rule must be to check for quality before purchasing any supplements.

Myth: Having a good diet reduces the need for supplements to zero.

Fact: Body building is an art, and just like art, the canvas of a healthy body is a must. But having a healthy body through healthy diet is not the only requirement of bodybuilding. Nutritional needs are not constant; they change according to weight, height, age and even stress. Also, training for such a feat cannot be met by food alone, so be sure to take your regular supplements to see positive effects.

Myth: Supplements to burn fat are unnecessary.

Fact: Popular fat burners contain products that speed up metabolism and assists the body in burning fat quicker. That, however, doesn’t mean that they will work without a proper diet and consistent training. They are not miracle drugs, but they are to be considered as added perks to help you maintain your body.

Myth: Creatine is just a steroid.

Fact: Creatine is a natural substance that helps keep up the energy supply to the muscle cells, and it is found in the body itself. It is often confused with performance enhancing anabolic steroids that mimes the important benefits of the hormone testosterone. Creatine, on the other hand, is perfectly safe to use.

Factors for a healthy lifestyle are to avoid direct exposure to air pollution, be away noise pollution. Take care of the amount of sleep you get, because insufficient sound sleep has direct visible impact on your health. Stress management is also essential to practice as it affects your physical as well as emotional health and one may get into deep depression due to stress which negatively relates to your health.

These could a hundred and thousand of good reasons that kick your ass to hit the gym. But, the ultimate goal of each is to achieve a better and healthy lifestyle, and live an awesome life. Healthy life is a blessing. And doing workouts helps you accomplish the dream of a healthy life. If you love yourself and your life, making time for workout is absolutely an act of self favor. So, go for it. Pick healthy habits. Let yourself live life full size.

In conclusion, we can safely assume that supplements are necessary for those serious about bodybuilding. However, caution must always be maintained, proper amounts of supplement must be taken to achieve the required results. Supplement are not only important but necessary, and must not be looked down upon.

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