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Netflix is an American streaming service that enables its users to indulge themselves in countless movies, TV shows, documentaries and more. A monthly sum of money i.e a couple of dollars gives you access to a variety of cinematic experience. Pretty neat, right? Eh not so much, sadly, there is a downside. While the US version of Netflix entertains its users with over 9,000 odd titles, the Australian version is limited to only a thousand. So, who’s responsible for this? Well, the national licensing deal is to blame here. Now while the Australian library keeps growing each month in terms of selection and variety, it still slacks behind big time. Alright, let’s not dwell in this much as Grenville Kleiser once said “To every problem, there is already a solution whether you know it or not” and I am here exactly to enlighten you with solutions for this ever so serious first world problem. The solution is simple; VPN or a DNS server.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) authorizes you to establish a secure connection with another network, over the internet. It basically helps you gain access to region-restricted websites, much like in this case.

What is a DNS server?

A DNS server, also known as a name server or domain name system server, basically consists of a database of public IP addresses.

How to use a DNS server?

So, there’s good news and bad news, let’s start with the bad news first. Netflix has started to block most of the DNS servers in order to stop customers from watching shows which aren’t available in their region. Nonetheless-the good news, there are still some loopholes here and there as some DNS servers continue to work with Netflix. The most popular one is ‘Unlocator’ which (thankfully) offers a free trial as well so that you can test it out before actually investing into it. If all else fails, you can look up some USA DNS codes for your region. However, I did the effort for you and here are the codes known specifically to be working for Australia as well as some other regions; Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:

How do I change the DNS codes to view American Netflix?

The answer to this varies as to which device you’ll be using whether it’s an Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox etc. Essentially, the bottom line is you’ll mainly have to (1) Go to settings (2) Choose network then later on advanced/internet settings (3) Go to DNS settings and (4) Switch it to manual (5) Enter the primary code and save.

That is one way, you can also choose to use a VPN.

Selecting a VPN

First of all, you have to decide between a paid VPN or free VPN software. If your sole purpose is to gain access to Netflix only then you might be able to benefit from a free VPN software however if you’re interested in utilizing your VPN for more elaborate encryptions that hinder your activities from the government or other data trackers then you might want to invest for a paid service. The following is a list to help you choose from.

Express VPN

This is perhaps the best choice as it is the fastest and is known to be super reliable to work with Netflix. Although it may be a little heavy on the pocket, it offers you a free 30-day trial. It might cost you $12.59 per month or $8.32 if you choose the annual package. It further assists you with a 30-day money back guarantee.


This is ideal for those on a budget. It will allow you to stream your favorite shows in full high definition. It has a small network of servers and is quite fast in terms of speed. Moreover, it offers live chat support if you’re facing any problem and it enables up to six connections. It is easy to download, be it iOS, Android or Windows. However, this does not offer a free trial.


If you’re a beginner or easily intimidated by the virtual world in general, this VPN is definitely for you as it is super user-friendly. Furthermore, the live chat feature is always available for your assistance. This works successfully for both the Chrome browser and the Netflix app (Android version).


This VPN offers full privacy and great encryption. In addition to this, their customer support helps you explore servers which work with Netflix specifically. This works for both iOS and Android. It has good value as well.


This no longer takes account usage logs so it’s quite easy to use. Moreover, their customer service is fast and efficient and a single click of either a thumbs up or down lets them know whether the server has been blocked or not. This caters to Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Furthermore, it will work with your budget as it is not too expensive. However, whichever VPN or DNS proxy you choose, especially outside this list, make sure you do your research as a huge number of companies no longer provide access to Netflix. This list includes IronSocket, Unblock-us, PIA, Buffered, Hola, Blockless, OpenVPN and more. Nonetheless, whatever VPN you end up agreeing upon, it is important to note never to share your details with any websites you’re not familiar with. How do you use a VPN? Step 1: After you’ve downloaded your desired VPN software, you need to install it. Step 2: Sign up! Step 3: Open the app and sign in. Step 4: Connect to the US VPN server Step 5: Launch Netflix and enjoy! You’re mainly tricking the server with your location as you will be altering it.

Is it illegal to use a VPN for Netflix?

Now you may be wondering whether this is even legal and to answer that well, ideally, Netflix doesn’t want you to use VPNs in order to gain access to region-restricted content. However, you have the complete right to do so and it’s up to you. It is only illegal to download illegal content and you should do nothing of that sort.

What’s next?

You’re almost done all you have to do now is keep in mind that your VPN or proxy has to be running throughout the entire time you are watching Netflix.

Happy Netflix-ing!
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