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They are awful, the moments you need a translator, urgently. For a business, also for an individual, to have an opportunity to do business with somebody or some company located on the other side of the world and not being able to communicate instantly because of the language, it sounds awful. I have no doubt that the majority of people can communicate, some easier, some with some difficulties, in English, based on their knowledge of English. But when it comes to sharing documents such as contracts, certificates, instructions, manuals, descriptions, well, that’s more difficult.

If you didn’t take care in advance, maybe because you didn’t spot or imagine that opportunity would arise, getting a good translator to save you is quite difficult. Why? It’s simple: the good translators are always busy. And when you hire them, you most of the times have to wait; or to pay more to get in front of others on the jobs list.

Long story short: I have a friend, Sandeep Maheshwari, born in Moga, a city in the state of Punjab, in India. Born and grown in Moga until he was 17, moved and lived in London since then. Today he’s 34 so half of his life he lived in India, half of his life in the UK. As you can imagine, a native speaker of Punjabi language, an excellent speaker of English language. What’s amazing about his skills is he speaks English with no accent, British or Indian, that’s fantastic. This helped him work with several big organizations doing business with that part of India.

If you need English to Punjabi translation or Punjabi to English translation, I recommend Sandeep with all my heart. I had some opportunities to join and spend some time with his group of friends lately and they also appreciated his abilities to speak and to translate perfectly from English to Punjabi and vice versa. So he can help. To contact him, visit his business card here.

The idea is the business world moves so fast today. And the companies constantly race against each other. If you don’t move fast, somebody else might do it and win the contract. And when you’re stuck because of some translations, that hurts. It’s not related to one language only, it’s not about English to Punjabi translations or translating from Punjabi to English. This is the topic of this article because Sandeep is my friend and I want to help him get more clients. But it’s a general problem business and also individuals, students mostly, face from time to time.

When it comes to translations, you simply can’t rely on automatic services such as Google Translate or some other converters. Human translation is essential. When you want to have over a document to a business partner, that document, its translation must be perfect. And while artificial intelligence might once be able to replace translators, my personal opinion is that’s only a goal, a dream, I think machines won’t be able to replace human translators. Artificial translations lack the finesse a human translator is able to apply to the required translation. When computers will be able to replicate that finesse, the translator job will disappear, for sure.

Until then you should take profit of the skills of a professional human translator to work on your documents. When it comes to translating from English to Punjabi or from Punjabi to English, Sandeep is a master. High quality and most important, reliable.

His clients were extremely pleased with his work and some kept coming back to him when needed more translations from English to Punjabi and vice versa. For he has clients from both the English language speaking countries United Kingdom, United States, Canada and from India.

It’s understandable since a very good translation offers a business the ability to communicate correctly and efficiently and the means to pursue its goals in a specific region, country or around the world. With a good translation, there is no language barrier. Everybody knows English so speaking is not a problem. A fine translation solves the documents issue. So sky’s the limit in doing business.

Contact him, test him if you feel like (this one I don’t know how you can do it since you might need English to Punjabi or Punjabi to English translation because you don’t know the other language; well, maybe when you know the other language but prefer to give the translations to a specialist; or when you’re not so confident in your abilities but you can still check the quality of the translation). Anyway, what I know for sure, you won’t be disappointed.

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