E-signatures for online businesses: how it can help

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These days, businesses have become more and more competitive. They are running their entire business online because of the varied reasons such as online businesses provide its entrepreneurs with a global access, able to operate the business round the clock, provide you with a greater flexibility, offer faster services while delivering the products, increase the professionalism, involve less paperwork, improve the client service, grab the new business opportunities from anywhere in the world and at anytime.

Moreover, in this technological driven day and age, customers have become more and more digital, with an easy access to the internet as well as with an immediate availability of the smart mobile devices. Therefore, the majority people in this world are spending their most valuable time on the internet. That can be for a professional work or for a personal usage.

Generally, people spend their time on internet to chat with their friends, to access the social networking channels, to learn a new course, to watch some videos on YouTube, and to purchase the company’s products and services online.

However, today, the online purchases are rapidly evolving and revolutionizing. People prefer to purchase things online because of the various comforts it provides. This can be like – it provides your customers the possibility to purchase goods and services from the comfort of their homes, enables your customers to perform shopping from anywhere in the world and at any time, and moreover, when compared to brick and mortar stores, the online retail stores offer goods and services in lower prices, the customers can compare the prices with the other online retail shops, can get a wide variety of products from different sellers and from the various brands, all in a single place etc. and the list goes on.

However, when you run an online business store, you will be definitely sending several documents, contracts, and agreements to your clients and customer base. Sometimes, this can lead you to send hundreds of documents in a day. However, getting your clients’ signatures on those hundreds of documents is not an easy task and moreover one should adopt the traditional methods such as pen and paper signing processes in order to obtain the clients’ signatures on those specified documents. This can definitely delay the signing procedure as well as slows-down the business transaction speed.

Importance of Electronic Signatures

In order to obtain your clients’ signatures quickly as well as to create the business proceedings in a faster way, your business should definitely invest some money in electronic signature software. Moreover, for online businesses, electronic signatures are considered to be as the most valuable resources. It offers fast, secured and seamless business transactions, obtain the clients’ signatures in a matter of seconds, cut down the cost involved in traditional wet-inked signature method, save your business time and money, protect the environment from the damage of cutting down the trees, significantly increase the work productivity of your employees, and of course, the electronic signatures are legally enforceable and legally standing as much as that of traditional signatures.

There are several companies, which are offering electronic signatures in affordable rates. One such is SutiSign. It is a single and unified platform offering online electronic signature solutions as well as real time authentication systems.

Using SutiSign’s e-signature software, you can manage the online signatures, send the documents quickly, and obtain the signatures in a faster and secured way. Moreover, the SutiSign integrates with in-house applications as well as the solution provides seamless integration with other external applications.

In the e-signature platform, the sender has to create a document request, provide a name to the document, upload the document from the various cloud storage areas, and drag and drop the signatures and initial points on to the document and send the document to your client (or) schedule it for future use.

Once the document has been sent to your client, you can use the e-signature solutions to track whether your client has opened the document, how many times does your client has viewed the document, has your client kept all the signatures on the document. In case your client has forgotten to keep signatures, then you can remind them with automated emails.

Moreover, the usage of electronic signature software offers a higher-level of security to business documents. In the digital mode, the documents are protected from unauthorized tampering and safely secure and store the documents for future references.

What are waiting for? Invest your money on cost-affordable e-signature solution to streamline the business transaction processes and to safeguard the sensitive business data.
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