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Some time ago a friend of mine asked me to help him with creating some birds images with transparent background. In other words, birds PNG images: blue birds png, white birds png, birds flying png, flock of birds png, love birds png, tropical birds png. Of course I said yes to help him accomplish his task, especially considering it was about an educational project for the school he works for as a teacher. Having some experience in working in Adobe Photoshop and selecting and cropping, it wasn’t difficult for me to get the work done. So here I got a few birds in PNG file format. Since that educational project was completed, successfully, and I remained with the png birds in my computer, I said let’s put them here on my blog as free stuff online for everyone to see and eventually download and use one or all of the bird png files in any way you would need.

So, if you need them at school, at work or for whatever project of yours (such as printing on a mug or on a t shirt), here there are some birds images. Although the background looks white, each bird file has transparent background as it’s a PNG file. How I did it in Photoshop: having the bird file opened (with branches, leaves and other stuff included in the original photo), I carefully selected the bird, eventually with the branch it was sitting on, copied and pasted the selection, thus isolated the birds while creating a new layer in Photoshop containing only the selection from the background layer, then simply turned off the visibility of the original layer, and saved the file using the PNG format. The result: birds PNG.

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