Are hybrids really the wave of the future?

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The future, a wonderful, mysterious, awe-inspiring time has promises for us. Many dream of ending cancer and other diseases. Others dream of bicycles that fly. And could we someday be able to transport ourselves from one place to another? Perhaps. But some of us have dreams that aren’t that big. All we want is a car that runs on something other than fuel.

Maybe one nice sunny day, we could all drive up to the pump and put some interesting chemical in our car that would make it run forever. Maybe we could gas up on some cooking oil or even oxygen. But for now, we have hybrids. Maybe they are the answer to our dilemma. Are these cars the wave of the future?

It seems like they are for many reasons. These cars are electric. “Electric” is a word that is linked with innovation and imagination. Electric signals “power”. That means the power to run and the power to run for miles and miles. That’s what a hybrid car is all about. When you get in one, you’ll know you’ll get to where you need to go and you won’t have to stop at ten gas stations on the way.

Remember when Edison came out with the electric light bulb? Everyone thought it was a great invention, and it has changed the lives of all of us. So a hybrid car is also changing all of our lives. It’s new, and very technologically advanced. Hybrid cars should get the same kind of recognition Edison did. However, hybrid cars do take some fuel to run them, but that doesn’t mean we should applaud them for being able to run on both electricity and fuel.

With all of the above reasons, hybrid cars seem to be the wave of the future, but there are a couple of reasons why that may not be true. For instance, there must be some reason why hybrids are not selling more than conventional cars. That’s because the average customer who looks at the sticker price on a hybrid car is stunned. It’s just too much money for the average car buyer. And how can a car be the wave of the future if it scares people away every time they come to look at it on the dealers’ lot?

Since the cost possibly overrides the benefits of the hybrid car, a hybrid car may just be a transitional car, and the actual wave of the future might be a car that is fueled by something other than “fuel.” Whatever that “fuel” is, I’m sure we will all like it and then we’ll be calling that fuel the wave of the future.

Some people today are already fueling their cars with cooking oil, but that doesn’t seem to have caught on world wide like hybrid cars have. Therefore, cooking oil does not seem to be the solution for us. But, maybe some day, people will start fiddling with their hybrid cars and come up with something much better than the design that is before them.

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