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About me

Always a curious and cheerful guy, I now reached my 30s and I still feel a consistent interest for the intriguing parts of our world. In other words, my name is Michael Twyne and I am looking forward to befriending you with the help of words scattered around my blog. But, since every friendship has a part where people get to know each other, let me tell you a few things about myself.

I like exploring and finding those things that may escape the eyes of most people. I think that the world is built out of very many small pieces, some of them being beautiful, fascinating, and capable of stimulating our thinking processes. Considering that we all have one shot to live this life right and make the most of it, I am determined to find these things and add them as memories or experiences to my timeline.

This blog is one of my attempts to generate new experiences while connecting with you, my readers. Hopefully, I will manage to stir your interest in some facts, if not even succeed in enriching your baggage of knowledge with the information and discoveries I will make.

You see, ever since I was a child I dreamt about doing things differently. I didn’t really enjoy the patterns and limits set by society, considering that each person has the right to develop in a way he or she considers most suitable. So, as you can tell, my parents weren’t too happy with me doing things the other way around. But, they soon came to realize that this is how I function and as long as I get things done, there’s nothing to worry about.

But, in spite of my exploratory spirit, I must admit that I have one guilty pleasure. I like taking short naps at noon. I see them as a way to reset my mind so I can be ready to tackle the second half of the day. But, this little habit of mine got me a nickname back in the days when I was a student. My roommates would often catch me snoozing on the sofa or even closing my eyes during certain courses if they were taking place in the afternoon. The truth is that I always chose spots in the back of the class to sit down, just in case I wanted to rest a little.

Yes, being young and restless can really get to you and burn all your energy (giggle). So, my dear roommates considered that “Bernod” was a much better name than Michael, so soon almost everybody on the campus started calling me Bernod. I didn’t mind, after all, who didn’t get a nickname in school or college? It’s the charm of being part of a community and being acknowledged for your particularities. And particularities are precisely what I am looking to find around me.

So, having said all these, I am glad we met and I warmly invite you to discover my blog. I hope that my writing will become a pleasant reading for you and that, in time, we will get to know each other better. I also want to mention the fact that I am totally open for suggestions and even eager to hear your ideas and opinions. While this is a blog and I will be sharing mostly my ideas, I want this blog to become a place where people meet and talk, in the same manner things occur when you meet your friends. So, don’t hesitate to express yourself and even start an entire conversation based on an idea. Until next time, I wish you have a very interesting life.

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